Brett & Navoda

Shooting photo and video, as it turns out, are pretty similar. Same girl, same camera, same comfy pair of shoes and same heart pounding out of chest feeling when you shoot your first video for a client....On their wedding day!

I was spoiled with an amazing couple, Brett & Navoda were blissfully happy, relaxed and thankfully trusted me to capture footage worthy of their first moments as husband and wife. 

Their I do's were said to the tune of gently crashing waves by the shores of salty rose cottages in Lunenburg. Tucked away in it's own little cove they had the whole place to themselves with loved ones occupying each sweet little cottage. Nova Scotia was good to us that day and provided a think blanket of fog, adding to the intimacy and making the light completely perfect for filming! 

Navodas family hails from Sri Lanka bringing some really beautiful cultural representations led by her father. (I have to give a shout out to her uncle for giving me the heads up on all the key moments, couldn't have done it without you!) He also baked and frosted their amazing wedding cake himself! Go Dad! And because amazing and talented parents grace both sides of their families, Brett's mother made Navodas dress herself with pretty pops of yellow and gorgeous lace details. It was really an amazing little wedding and I'm so happy I was able to play my part in gifting this beloved couple a piece of their day. 

Congratulations Brett & Navoda! 

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