Emma & Kennedy

Backyard weddings are my jam. I love the feeling of comfort that comes with a familiar location, the air of closeness and intimacy with a smaller guest list, and the little details that shine through with all the love and care that went into making and collecting them. 

Emma & Kennedys down home shin dig was all this and more. They had the perfect little ceremony between two birch trees, a few rows of white chairs and an aisle lined with pretty, seasonal mums. (We laughed about how the corn field serving as their backdrop was being plowed a couple days earlier and that they left 6 rows of corn just for them. Wedding gifts come in many forms!) 

So many things came together to make this day the perfection that it was. The fun moments when we played lawn games, dressed up in the photo booth and jumped in the bouncy castle. The funny moments when Kringle crashed the wedding photos and greeted every guest that arrived for the reception, Kennedy hurriedly eating his first piece of cake and his daring veil rescue when the wind blew Emma's veil into the reeds in the pond. And the sentimental moments, a lantern lit in memory of Emma's Father, and a visit to Grandma and Grandpas house where I learned about all the life and love that these two incredible people have created. 

Congratulations Emma & Kennedy,

enjoy all your moments together




Kirsten MaloneComment