Taylor & Chris

Ahhhh winter engagement sessions. Thoughts of rosy cheeks, cute hats, getting all close and cosy for some sweet romance...

Funny story! The last time I did a session in February, it was on valentines day, post storm, outdoors and we were trudging through hip deep snow trying to get relaxed, casual and romantic shots. This session was pretty similar. Also post storm, but instead of snow up to our armpits, it was COLD! 

We started at North Mountain coffee in Berwick. I've only been there a few times but I already love it's small town, local supporting, friendly and quirky atmosphere. Everyone know's everyone, the coffee is amazing, books of all shapes and sizes line the walls and they play great tunes which happen to include my wedding song ;) 

Nicely caffeinated, we headed out into the arctic, for some skating on a cute little rink up on the mountain. When we got there it was half shovelled, which we laughed at but hopped out to skate up anyways. I did not skate, I do not skate. I haven't skated since I was 12 and I'm not at all confident that I wouldn't have a backside the colour of eggplant if I decided to attempt it again. I'm no mountain goat, I can admit it. 

Taylor & Chris were pros. They skated back and forth down the little path in the snow, trying not to shiver and vibrate themselves of the ice. I broke out the 50 for some freelensing (I now want to freelens all my sessions...) and when we couldn't feel our faces, we got back in the car and headed to our next and even colder location at the shore in Harbourville. 

Do you ever have those moments where you could just kick yourself for missed opportunities? Like, instant regret at not being able to predict the future in some way? Situations like, as you pull up to the shore and step out of the car, taking two steps toward the water and an honest to god bald eagle flies up, 5 feet away from you and elegantly lifts itself into the air...That happened. It was not so elegantly eating frozen duck-sicles but it would have made an amazing shot. 

We didn't last long at the shore either. Not only was it cold but it was windy and covered in ice. Still, it was a pretty awesome shoot and I'm so glad I had brave and willing models to adventure with. 


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