The Dumouchelle's

It's official! I shot my first session in the valley since moving back to Nova Scotia! 

Knowing I would need to find a starting point and some current images for my new and partially completed website, I put out a model call for an in home maternity session. I had dreams of capturing those last weeks spent waiting on a baby. I remember eating bowls of cereal on my belly, folding tiny clothes over and over again, studying my rotund silhouette to see if I'd "dropped" at all...It was agonising in the moment but In some torturous way (because we are hard wired to forget in order to do it all again) I miss it. Maybe other impatient mama's will be able to foresee the biter sweetness of the third trimester, before the diapers and cluster feeds. Maybe they'll want pictures of the home stretch spent at home reading what to expect when expecting or savouring the last moments with the child that will no longer be their one and only...I was on a mission to help them see what I see, to better understand what a documentary maternity session could look like.

When Meaghan answered my model call, I had a good feeling. I just knew we'd be a good fit. I would like to not so humbly announce, I was so right! The entire session was smooth, easy and everything I had been looking for. Her adorable little family were warm and welcoming, making me feel like a friend instead of a stranger with a camera. The two little ladies were eager to show me their rooms and play space and tell me all the need to know's about their home and everyone living in it. We played around for a bit, had a snack and then it was nap time for the littlest sister. Sweet blond little piggies all tucked into bed, the rest of the household settled in for one of my personal favourites, quiet time. Meaghan told me they usually file off to their respective corners to just enjoy some time alone. Space, peace, ahhhhhhhhh..... As a mum of three I completely understand the pleasure of just sitting still. Even the oldest lady, at four years old, grabbed her tablet and went to lie down in her room. I'm not gonna lie, I kind of wanted to find my own spot and just kick back for a while ;) 

As much as I wanted to be a part of the relaxing, we wrapped things up and I went on my way. I really couldn't have asked for a better shoot. It was complete and total imperfect perfection. thanks so much to the Dumouchelle's for welcoming me into your home and showing me a little piece of your lives. That beautiful babe will be here before you know it, tiny toed and as gorgeous as her older sisters. 


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