Hanging with the Pykes

Being a boy Mum is something you just can't understand unless you are the Mum of a boy. True there are many similarities between raising boys and girls, but there are just as many differences. Before Gavin came onto the scene, I very naively thought I knew it all. There couldn't possibly be any surprises. I already had two beautiful girls, adding a boy was going to be no different. 


Alison and I have been friends for a long time. We had our first babies together, raised them together, signed them up for pre school together and then waved them off to their first day of kindergarten.. (in different provinces but still, together.) Our kids have always been friends. She and I even got pregnant with our second babies at the same time, had a double gender reveal and were due mere days apart. It was crazy and fun and full of hormones. I know her boys, I love her boys, so it was only natural that we do a session together. 

The kind of session we had talked about was not the kind of session I ended up with. I wanted soft, intimate, quiet snuggles. Really, I don't know what I was thinking. Instead of the sweet serene images I had hoped for, I got all arms and bodies jumping on the bed, leg wrestling, loud laughter and chaos. It was completely perfect. No there was no calm, but there was life. I threw the plan out he window and embraced the change. 

The four of us started upstairs in Alison's bedroom. She's an outside of the box thinker with a crafty and resourceful brain. I immediately fell in love with her newly reupholstered chair and funky bamboo room divider, both DIY'ed. She also has a cool old sewing table turned vanity that I'm going to steal when she's not looking... After we played and rough housed on the bed, we ventured downstairs for a snack and some guitar shredding. No biggie, just the coolest kids ever. Noley's been playing guitar basically since birth, pretty sure he's the next Hendrix. Both of my daughters have informed me that each one of the Pyke boy's is their boyfriend and they will be married when they're really old like me. Thanks girls... We finished up with some couch surfing, video games and coffee. Because, well, coffee...

I was happily reminded that things aren't always going to stick to the plan. That life's twists, turns and surprises are just going to keep happening. Families don't fit into a boxes and a family session has no real definition because they are all so wonderfully different. Our stories are so unique and I'm always happy to tell them.


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