The Jack-a-lope

Everyone loves a baby. They're sweet and little and smell good. They make adorable little sounds and have rolls in places that are only cute when you're an infant. I will admit, I have a baby addiction. I ache for my seemingly giant children to be tiny again, to wear them without breaking my back and rock them to sleep singing songs in the darkness of the nursery. Sigh.... Another thing I miss terribly is breastfeeding. 

When I had my eldest, the idea of someone "feeding from me" (because I thought of it like some kind of scifi horror flick) weirded me out. I figured I'd give it a shot and if I hated it there was always the magical creation that is formula. We made it a full 4 months before circumstances out of my control led to more and more bottles and ending our journey. With my middle we went just over a year and last but not least, Gav and I made it to 14 months! If you had've told me before I became a mother that I would long for that connection I would have laughed. Now all I want to do is press rewind and soak up as many nursing sessions as possible.

As much as I am an advocate for breastfeeding, I am a firm believer in "fed is best." There are many reasons to breastfeed and there are many reasons not to. I wanted to offer breastfeeding sessions like so many other photographers do, but with a little added bonus for all the bottle feeding mamas out there. I don't think feeding your baby one way or the other is more right or wrong, as long as you are filling that baby up with the good stuff, you're doing your job Mama. So in order to include everyone, fresh milk sessions were born. Bottle or breast, just you and your sweet chubby bub chowing down. Or, chugging I guess ;)

To launch this cool new idea, I went over to hang out with a friend and her little dude. Jack is definitely well fed and thriving and has the rolls to prove it! I'll be adding these sessions to the roster in the near future and I'm so excited! Keep a close eye out for news and details, it won't be long I promise ;) 


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