Campbell Farm

Ever since I was a little girl I've had a love for all things farm animal. I had a borderline obsession with horses, still have one with goats, I squeal a little when I spot a sweet long lashed, velvet eared donkey and can't help but be happy watching ducks waddle. I've dreamed of having my own little hobby farm some day, but until then, there is one thing I can have in town. 


I.Love.Chickens....I love their bright beautiful feathers, their funny little waggly crop, their fluffy chicken butts and the hilarious road runnerish way they run. Shawn and I have agreed that adding a few chickies to our family wouldn't be the worst thing in the world. We've been planning coops and runs and tractors and hope to acquire a few ladies next spring.  So you can imagine my excitement when I got a request for a family session including a dozen hens.

The Campbells were some of the lucky winners of a giveaway I held a while back. They have a great little spot in Three Mile Plains, three adorable blond girls and a lovely mixed flock of pretty chickens.. One of my favourite things about Nova Scotia is how friendly everyone is. I love that I can show up at a complete strangers home and instantly feel like an old friend. We chatted and played in the lush GREEN dewy grass until it was time to meet the chickens. As soon as that coop was opened, out poured the girls, clucking and flapping their wings, looking for a well earned treat. We fed them some corn and collected the eggs. In all the excitement, one of the hens dropped an egg in the grass, talk about fresh! It was so warm it felt like it had just been boiled! 

After the sun came out and it got warm fast. A few sips from the hose and a Popsicle treat later and it was back to play time. We played with the puppers, climbed some trees and I was given an education in round offs and cartwheels ;) I was gifted a dozen freshly laid bespeckled eggs before I left and they were the best I've ever tasted! 

 It was the perfect spring session and I'm so happy that the Campbells and I found each other through a facebook giveaway.