It's always nice to make new connections and discover happy coincidences. Amanda and I had met breifly when our oldest babes were just a year and had seen each other from time to time at pre school drop off/pick up. I knew she had recently moved into the house 2 doors down from where we used to live on the base and had welcomed her third little guy into the world. I was pleasantly surprised to find a message inquiring about a newborn session for the newest addition to the Gillard clan! It was a bit of a scramble to find a date that worked for everyone before we left for my moms and little Issac grew into bigger little Issac! 

I was greeted at the door by Superman and the Hulk and introduced to their sweet baby bro who was happily nursing and making the most delicious little squeaks. Amanda had a few activities prepared for our session (my kind of lady!) and we chatted the time away while making pancakes, baking cookies and giving Issac his first ever bath in a real tub! 

I was completely charmed by all three of the boys and sent home with a home made muffin. I love food tips ;) 


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