The Schofields & Jim Wilcox

So often I am reminded why I love what I do. When I get the perfect shot or walk into the perfect location. It's a very stars aligning type feeling and it's sooooo good. When Amy entered a giveaway I held back in Febrary, I had one of those moments. I found myself begging and pleading that her name would be drawn and I'd get to take a little trip to the south shore. I knocked, the universe answered and the Schofields were the winners of prize number three! 

Amy and I chatted back and forth about their families boat, timing and weather and we decided on the end of June. I asked if she wouldn't mind me shooting some video along with her photos and got the ok. (This would be my first official video!!) It felt like forever before our session date finally rolled around and I was plugging the marina into google maps. Once I found the place (only one wrong turn! that's good for me!) and looked around the harbour, I couldn't contain my excitement. I hopped aboard the little cape islander and we chugged away from the dock and out into the basin. 

Having a steady hand on a rocky boat was a challenge but I figured it would just add character ;) The evening was perfect, the light was perfect, the Schofields were perfect and Jim, Jim was amazing. 


Kirsten MaloneComment