Katie & James


The week leading up to Katie & James' wedding was spent practising my breathing and talking myself down. I watched the weather and prayed it was wrong. We were supposed to be getting a bit of rain...A lot, we were getting a lot of rain. As I made my way to New Glasgow, the skies just kept getting darker and darker and the rain fell harder and faster. I had to swallow the panic in my throat a few times and again, tell myself it was fine. It was all going to be fine...

When I walked into James' mothers beautiful home, I kicked off my shoes, composed myself and walked into the kitchen where Katie, surrounded by a swath of gorgeous ladies, was fumbling with her phone and casting quick nervous glances at the darkening skies. Then it hit me. Why was I scared? I knew what I was doing, I'm a photographer, I've shot in the rain, I've shot couples, I've shot families. This was no different, just longer and more scheduled! I reassured Katie that despite the rain, it was going to be an incredible day and we'd work with the storm and make it look awesome. 

Everyone involved in this wedding was incredible. The bridesmaids were the perfect mix of comfort and take charge, mothers of the bride and groom were completely stunning and played their part in making sure the day ran smoothly, the groomsmen were relaxed and made sure their charge was having a good time while looking dapper and the bride and groom were total perfection. Katie and James are the most beautiful couple inside and out. Without saying a word they give off a sense of easy companionship, a perfectly balanced and equal partnership, and a love that only blossoms when you've truly found your best friend. Their two bright eyed happy children are a perfect projection of this. I felt like I won the lottery as I floated through the day, finger poised firmly on the shutter, unwilling to miss a second. You know you've really fallen in love with a couple when you find yourself hiding your emotions behind the camera when they are pronounced husband and wife ;) 

True the skies were dark and opened up on us a few times, but when the rain let up, we ran outside, all smiles and laughter. Full hearts and soggy feet were the theme of the day and I hope that every time James and Katie warm their feet by a fire, they are reminded of their perfect wedding day and how much love filled that old barn. 

Congratulations Mr & Mrs Stewart


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