Lake Pleasant

I've known Sarah since before we had our first babies. We worked at the mall together wearing fashionable green aprons, shiny gold name tags and comfortable shoes ;) She got taken down by the baby bug first and loved every second of it, trying to get me to watch Ellie move in her belly and laughing at me when I squirmed and shuddered, unable to imagine some "thing" moving inside of my own stomach. The laughing continued when I fell pregnant with my oldest and still shuddered and cringed and compared her to a squiggly worm. My poor poor child....

Fast forward a few years and 5 kids between the two of us later, she invited me out to her family's little spot at the lake for an evening of rock skipping at sunset, marshmallow inhaling and a ton of laughs. I was completely thrilled to be shooting photo and video during our time together and nearly died at the completely perfect light I was gifted. 

I knew my job was complete and well done when I received messages from Sarah that I made her and her entire family cry. (This has become a regular occurrence I'm finding) Her video is one of my absolute favourites. The whole thing feels like watching a dream or playing back a memory. It's warm, full of laughter, beautiful scenery and so so much sweetness. 

Thanks for inviting me to your favourite place guys, can't wait to get out there this summer ;) 


Kirsten MaloneComment