A fortunate son...

First babies are so special. Everything is new, it's never been done before, you have so many un answered questions that don't seem to have the right answers. 

Will I be a good Mother?

Can I really do this?

What are they going to look like?

What if he/she doesn't like me?

Do we have everything we need?

What do babies need anyway?

Do babies really need all this stuff...

How will I know when it's time, what do contractions feel like, is labour going to literally rip me in half, what if I can't breastfeed, is the baby going to sleep, how many diapers do I really need!? 

All the been there done that moms will tell you to just wait, it will all make sense, you are as ready as you're ever going to be. Wether you have that perfect grass woven by women in Africa basinet with the cream coloured bedding you ordered months ago on Etsy and the hand knit grandma blankie in the softest alpaca wool known to man. Believe it or not babies don't actually need much. My three week old son spent a few days being scooted around the floor in a laundry basket while I unpacked our new house. True story. But I was a first timer once too. I remember all the time and care that went into creating my sweet babes perfect nursery complete with hand painted birds on soft blue walls. I remember lying in bed night after night, clutching my impossibly round middle wondering, questioning, worrying. Every kick and roll and hiccup was exciting and miraculous. Every Dr's appointment was met with excitement and wonder at the sound of the muffled, scratchy galloping little heartbeat. I remember the sense of panic that we didn't have enough stuff, that we still needed all of this "stuff" before our baby, OUR BABY arrived. And then she was here and the world stopped for a while. I had never seen a more perfect, more precious, more marvellous little all consuming thing. This tiny human that we had created, her tiny sighs, her tiny cries, her tiny fingers wrapped tightly around mine. Our baby. 

These are the thoughts that came barreling back to the surface while Jenna, David and I walked through the woods. We laughed and joked about parenthood and all of the hilarious and amazing moments to come. We chatted about plans and due dates and Jenna'a insatiable craving for Frootloops. A budding new family awaiting the arrival of their plus one and all of the hopes and dreams two soon to be parents can bestow on their most precious creation. 

First babies are so special. 


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