The baby days

When I brought my first tiny babe home from the hospital, we were followed with a chorus of "soak up every second, they grow so fast." I remember smiling and nodding but not really listening to all the well wishers telling us our baby would be a teenager in the blink of an eye. When it was just her and I rocking in the dark, midnight feedings and diaper changes and softly sung lullabies while I stroked her cheek with my thumb. I didn't notice when my sleepy little infant was suddenly more awake. I didn't notice when she stopped needing me at all hours of the night. I didn't realize she was leaving her infancy behind her as she learned to sit, to crawl, then to walk. I knew it. I knew she was growing at a speed I didn't think possible but I didn't really understand that my deliciously tiny baby was all of a sudden so much bigger. 

When I brought home my second daughter, again, time did not stand still for me. It went faster still and I was left desperately grasping at her infancy. Luckily with baby number two came the beginning of my photography journey. Thankfully I have so many memories and phases of baby-dome captured that I just have to look back to remember. When my son was born, it was a whirlwind. I don't remember being in the hospital with him. I don't remember his first days at home. We were packing our house up to move across the country, life was busy and time waits for no one. I remember looking down at him in our new house. He was lying on the new couch that had just been delivered, kicking and punching his strong little arms in the air. He stared into my eyes and smiled and cooed and I thought... when? How? Who is this baby in front of me that has taken the place of my infant? In all the chaos of moving and a new life with three children I had missed it all. 

Thank god for pictures. Thankfully I am always documenting my children, always taking pictures, recording little videos of them. Not just when we do fun and exciting things, but just because. Just because his hair was crazy that day, just because she was reading under a blanket fort. Just because they were dancing in the living room or picking flowers in the garden or watching the bread bake in the over. For no other reason then just because. 

We may not remember all the small details that seem so insignificant at the time but oh how we long for them when they're gone. I know how fortunate I am to be able to pick up an album and flip through the pages to recall chubby fingers and spaghetti covered faces. I have so many moments frozen on those pages, whispering for me to remember. Remember this. Don't forget. Soak up every second. It all goes so fast.  


A short little birth announcement vid of some of Miss Avery Heather's snuggly early days. 

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