Home - The newborn edition

When you think newborn session, your mind probably goes to cute props, perfectly positioned headbands, bonnets and flower crowns on tiny sleeping heads placed delicately in baskets or in a nest of soft billowy blankets...

When I think newborns, I think impossibly small hands tightly gripping dad's finger, 4 diaper changes in 30 minutes, tiny flailing limbs being gently washed in a little tub, cluster feeding, swaddling, that slow bounce and sway we all adopt to sooth small babes. I think of the early days of life with a new baby. It's quiet but bustling, frustrating but rewarding, full of emotion, wonder and trial and error while you get to know this person, this life you have brought into your home. 

The art of newborn photography comes in many forms, I just happen to love the documentary side of the spectrum. Give me the cries, the endless nursing, the gas, the hiccups, the many forms of bodily fluids tiny bodies can produce. (hint, it's a lot!) I'm not into perfectly polished, I want real, gritty, messy, chaotic, beautiful life! I want the connection between Mother and child, I want to watch Dads become Dad's right in front of my eyes. I want to see the pure adoration and awe in the eyes of new parents as they stare at the greatest love of their life and then the look of relief and success when they look into each others eyes over a blissfully sleeping infant. 

These are the days that pass too quickly. So go ahead and live your moments, newborns are only newly born for such a short time. I'll make sure you remember it all. 


Kirsten MaloneComment