I see you mama. Squeezing in a quick shower, tossing your hair up in a bun and throwing on the closest shirt before heading downstairs to make breakfasts and lunches and coffee. Always coffee... I see you brushing hair and brushing teeth, searching for lost shoes and missing library books before ushering the kids out the door. I see you dropping your babies off at the sitters, the littlest one clinging to you while you promise to be back soon and give him kiss after kiss then quickly walk back to the car all the while feeling guilty for leaving them while you go to work. I'm right there with you feeling all of the joys, the guilt, the love and the desperation of motherhood. The feelings that just creep in when we're not looking paying attention. 

Ladies, it's no big secret. Motherhood is the hardest, most demanding, relentless, often thankless, wonderful, beautiful, emotional miraculous jobs in the world. It's tough, it's messy, it's constant and yet completely amazing. As mothers pulling all nighters, doing dishes and laundry and cleaning and cooking on repeat, we forget how beautiful the mundane can be. 

Ok wait, that's crazy talk. Hanging out at home doing dishes is beautiful? whatever lady...

Am I close? I am told by moms all the time that their lives are too boring for a documentary session, that their homes aren't pretty enough, that they wouldn't know what to do. Gals, some of my most favourite shots of my family are just us bumming around the house. Sure they aren't the typical smiling faces and perfect hair we've become accustomed to seeing in family photos, but they're real. They're real, imperfect moments that beg to be noticed. Sit back and really look at your daily routines. See your children memorizing their childhood home, the way you always play music in the kitchen on Saturday mornings. The way you dump your laundry from the basket and everyone stands around the bed claiming socks and undies. The way your oldest lies sprawled on the living room rug with the latest edition of Dog Man or your youngest streaking by bare bottomed and in the throws of potty training. These are the stories we sit around the table laughing about when we're older. When the kids are grown and the parents are grey. We don't remember the time we wore matching outfits and smiled for the camera. We remember life, as we lived it. In the moment, the normal, routine, everyday moment. 

Moms your life isn't boring. It's beautiful. Do a little experiment, ask your own mothers what their fondest memories are of your childhood. Listen to what they remember, what makes them smile and get that far off look in their eyes that signifies being struck with a perfect memory. 

Mamas, take that picture, or better yet, let me take it so you can be a part of it! I promise you these are the things you want to hold on to. I get it, I see you, I'm right there with you, but your kids are going to want to see you too. 


Kirsten MaloneComment