June with a dash of July

Behind. I always feel like I'm behind on something these days. Cleaning, mopping, laundry, blogging...Did I bathe the kids last night or were they wet from being in the pool... Water's water right? 

Summer always brings chaos. Good chaos, but chaos none the less. With kids out of school to entertain and feed seemingly every 3.6 seconds, weddings and summer sessions stacking up, visitors, adventures and then just regular normal everyday stuff somehow mashed in between, it gets pretty wild. So here I sit, finally we have a rainy day, perfect for a quick blog sesh! 

So much has happened since the beginning of June! We haven't really stayed still and the house is definitely suffering under grimy floors and piles of clean yet homeless laundry. A few key moments worthy of mentioning: 

We now have 3 kids perfectly capable of using a toilet! WOO!!! Huge deal...

A pregnancy was announced. Yes, mine. I know. I agree. we're insane... here's the little announcement vid! 

Sarah and I completed our first vid! Very exciting, you can check it out here if you so wish ;)

and a slightly humble/not so humble/I can't help it I'm ridiculously excited feature in an upcoming issue of a  real honest to god magazine!!! I will totally share when it happens. I know it's no big to some and others may not understand my excitement but it's been a major goal of mine and I still can't believe it's actually happening! 

Besides all that, there are of course photos. Aren't there always ;) I promise a much more entertaining or at least emotionally invested post in the near future. For now, there is laundry to be done on this rainy day! 


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