The only way to learn something is to ask questions and I'm not one to bury anyone's curiosity so here's a few quick answers to the more frequent of the bunch!




Q:What is a documentary session? Do we have to pose?

My approach to photography/videography is very "fly on the wall." There will be no posing and no props involved. I like to take things in from an observers standpoint, trying not to alter the environment in any way. My job is to capture you being you! 

Q:Where will our session take place?

In your home or at a location of your choosing, the idea is to capture you and your family as they are. I encourage my clients to choose a location that is meaningful to them. Think of things you do together as a family rather than picking a pretty park. My focus will be on connections and interactions with your loved ones and your surroundings, not pretty trees and flowers!

Q:What if we don't know what to do?

This is why carefully choosing a location that is meaningful can really help with how a session flows. I always find that things go so much smoother when everyone is comfortable and dare I say distracted from the camera! Even if this means hanging out in your living room! 

Q:But my house isn't pretty enough for pictures...

I probably hear this one most often. You are hiring me to capture a piece of your lives. I don't care if your house looks like it belongs on the cover of Style at Home, it's where you live and it's where the vast majority of your memories are made! I have three young children of my own, believe me I get kid mess! Sometimes the mess helps to tell the story! I have lived in tiny cramped military housing, a little townhouse and sometimes had little to no light and I just kept on shooting. Some of my favourite shots were taken in tight dark spaces. Let me do what I do, you just breathe deep and relax ;) 

Q:But my Grandma loves getting portraits of the kids...

I totally understand that there is a time and place for traditional portraits. Just let me know ahead of time if this is something you'd like to do and we can set aside some time at the beginning or end of your session to snap a shot or two.

Q:What if we have to cancel?

Your deposit serves as a non-refundable fee and secures your time and date and insures that it is closed to others inquiring. If you need to reschedule your session,(because lets face it, life happens!) your deposit may be transferred once to a future date. Fees will apply for further rescheduling. 

Q:What do I do once I've downloaded the photos/video?

Back. Them. Up. Seriously. As soon as you download your images or video onto your computer, save them to a secondary device. An external hard drive, a USB, on the cloud, or all of the above! This way you can insure that if anything happens to one version of your files, you will have backups and nothing will be lost. Once you've safely preserved your memories, PRINT THEM! so many of our photos (mind included, oops) get stored away on computers and never see a frame or an album. Please please print your images so you can hold them in your hands! There's nothing like breaking out the old family albums or sifting through a photo box full of loose prints! I would be happy to suggest a few great places to print your photos or you can order professional quality prints directly through me. Ask me for details and pricing!