Documenting your beautiful ordinary life 

one great adventure at a time

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 The exciting, the mundane, the adventures and the every day. Let me help you document the moments that matter. 


Your life, your moments, unfolding right before you eyes. Relive them over and over again with your own unique family film. 


there is so much beauty in your everyday

In your perfectly ordinary day to day life, the in between moments that seem the least likely for photographs. That's where the real magic happens. Memories aren't made at pretty parks in matching outfits with pockets full of smarties to reward good behaviour. Memories are sparked through small fleeting snippets of time, usually going un noticed.

Thats where I come in. 

It's in the early mornings, little feet padding into your room and climbing up next to you, monster Pj's and bed head after the first night in a new big kid bed. 

It's Saturday morning breakfasts, the smell of smokey bacon cooking while you sip your first coffee and the kids watch cartoons, cross legged on the living room carpet. 

It's in bedtime routines, bath time with floaty boats and extra suds, bubble gum flavoured toothpaste, 3 stories, 2 snuggles, 4 eskimo kisses and always just one more hug. 

It's a day at the shore tossing rocks, chasing seagulls, finding ocean treasures and exploring tide pools. It's the smell of the sea chasing your children as they run down the beach while your hang back with your love to hold hands and stroll. 

It's breast feeding, bottle feeding, un-swaddling, changing diapers, re-swaddling and doing it all again. Those first mewing cries and tiny bodies covered in fine little hairs and delicious rolls before all the newness fades too fast. Much too fast. 

It's birthdays, holidays, family traditions, discovering new places, adventures, lazy days and busy days.

It's a pause. A moment. A memory for you to hold, to frame, to look at in 30 years and remember and wonder how time went by so fast. Much much too fast. 

You will never know the value of a moment

until it becomes a memory

- Dr. Seuss

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