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Meet Kirsten 

You are about to share a big piece of your life with me, so It's only fair that I share a page out of my story. 

I am a wife to my easy going husband Shawn, fondly referred to as "the man boy," mother to three viciously sweet tiny humans, Remy, Bowen and Gavin, and master of beasts in the forms of giant dog and one very odd cat. We are a military family and have moved across the country a few times, and are for now, happily settling in Kingston NS Canada. 

Our lives are loud, messy, chaotic and wonderful. You will often find us having dance party's in the living room, cooking up something delicious in the kitchen, making forts out of my entire linen closet while I practice breathing exercises and remember that I too was once a master builder...I drink coffee. A lot of coffee. Maybe too much coffee? Is that even possible? 

I am told when my children are grown, only then can I have nice things. If that's true, give me all the scratched up furniture, the old and well warn clothes and the mystery puddle on the floor. I'm in no hurry to let go of my crazy, wild and full life. 

But if you want to go grab a coffee or a glass of wine somewhere unfrequented by children, I'm down for that too ;)