I am in the business of telling stories. I'm not going to ask you to smile, I won't make your antsy two year old sit still while you dart in and out with a tissue wiping tears and trying to keep it all together. Gone are the days of bribing your children with treats for good behaviour and your other half tugging at their shirt collar, dreading the whole process. I want your family to look like your family! No cheese and matching outfits necessary. 

I'm going to let you in on a little secret. I feel like a complete fraud when I pose people into forced and uncomfortable positions...When I started my photography journey, I thought that's just what you did! I would take people to a pretty park, not really knowing what I was going to do because inevitably they would stop, look at me and say...Now what? I tried, believe me I did, but it always felt forced and I couldn't help but wonder if I was missing a piece of the puzzle. 

I promise to make your session the most relaxed and enjoyable experience you've ever had in front of a camera. No two sessions are alike, they are completely and authentically you. Unique and perfectly imperfect, just the way it should be.